Countdown to the El Camino…78 Days and Quaking in my Boots!

Welcome to my travel blog! Thanks for being with me on my mid-life “spirit quest.” The Journey begins in less than three months! I’m so excited….and nervous, and a slew of other emotions. I’ve been talking about doing this trip for over four years and now that it is finally upon me it seems almost surreal to think about. My motivation for this adventure came shortly after my father died, on 21 December 2013 when I saw The Way, starring Martin Sheen and directed by his son, Emilio Estevez. I can’t even remember most of the movie now but I know it left an impression about the El Camino, that I had to do it, that Dad would love if I did it. You see, my father was an avid traveler throughout his life and this type of adventure that ties a traveler, or ‘pilgrim’ in this case, to other ‘pilgrims,’ in search of whatever it is they are looking for, would have been right in his wheel house. For me, its a chance to learn and practice self-reliance, trusting my intuition, leaving the comforts of the familiar in search of what I am truly capable of… to see what’s beyond all the limiting beliefs of who I think I am.

“As in any journey, its not what you take with you, but what you leave behind.”— from the movie, Tracks


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